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Telephone: 01274 581550

Emergency Dentist Bradford and Shipley

What number should I call for an Emergency Dentist in Bradford?

If you need to see a Dentist in an emergency and you are in Bradford, please call 01274 581550 and your situation will be immediately assessed and an appointment made.

What number should I call for an Emergency Dentist in Shipley?

If you are in Shipley and need to see an Emergency Dentist then call our Dental Practice on the same phone number, 01274 581550 and you will be quickly assessed and a suitable appointment arranged.


What if I need to see an Emergency Dentist late at night?

We have a dentist on 24 hour stand by for any dental emergencies that may happen late at night, please call us on the usual number, 01274 581550 and listen to the answer phone message – this will give you detail on how to contact whichever emergency dentist we have on call on the night that you contact us. They will happily assess your situation and arrange a suitable appointment for you.

What if I need to see an Emergency Dentist at the Weekend?

We have at least one dentist on call every day of the week for emergencies. Please call the Dental Practice on 01274 581550 and follow the instructions on the answering machine.

Do I need an appointment to see an Emergency Dentist?

Your case will be assessed when you contact us and we will arrange for an appointment based on the severity of the situation.

Our Emergency Dentists are on call 24/7

Rob Muirhead Dentist in Shipley

Robert Muirhead

On Call Emergency Dentist

Adam Wagstaff

Adam Wagstaff

On Call Emergency Dentist

Ahmer Imtiaz

Ahmer Imtiaz

On Call Emergency Dentist


Thank you to all Staff at Muirhead Dental Practice. My invisalign treatment has come to an end and my teeth are just the way I wanted. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Afsana, Shipley

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