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Dental Check Ups

Here at Muirhead Dental we seek to promote regular 6 monthly visits so that we can keep and eye on your overall oral health and address any potential problems before they occur.

What to expect when having Dental Bridges

All our dentists work closely with our dental hygienists to ensure that you receive the best comprehensive dental care possible.

During your regular assessment appointments we will listen to you and address any need and concerns that you may have. We will conduct a thorough examination and take any relevant x-rays and records. In particular we will look at:

  • Your jaw joint and its alignment
  • The internal lining of your mouth
  • Your gum tissue
  • All surfaces of every tooth
  • Any fillings or dental restorations that you have
  • Oral Cancer screening


During the examination we will fully chart any findings that we make and report them to you in a language that is non-technical and easy to understand.

More serious problems such as mouth cancer are thankfully very rare, but if we have any doubts we refer patients direct to a specialist. We check the lining of the mouth for pre-cancerous blemishes. Smoking and drinking (particularly spirits) can increase your chances of oral cancer twenty-fold in addition to the other damage inflicted, so we try to encourage patients to give up or cut down. Smoking can also dramatically worsen gum disease.


Thank you to all Staff at Muirhead Dental Practice. My invisalign treatment has come to an end and my teeth are just the way I wanted. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Afsana, Shipley


As well as my teeth looking so much better without the big space between my top and bottom teeth, the work that you have done has also stopped my neck pains and headaches.

Natasha, Leeds


I am writing to thank you for the excellent job you have done on my front teeth – I am really delighted with them.

Virginia, Bradford


The teeth in my lower jaw were crowned in 2003. It took a day in the surgery, no pain, and it was affordable! Three years on, and I’m delighted with the work. Thank you Rob, for giving me back my smil

Beryl, Shipley


If you are in a position to choose private dental treatment then I would have no reservation in recommending Rob. My teeth look 20 years younger, what is that worth?

Chris, Baildon


As a fellow dentist, it is always interesting/daunting being on the receiving end of treatment. My experience with Rob and his team was exceptional and made me proud to be part of the profession.


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